BS8599, BSi First Aid Kit and The New UK Standard

what you need to know to meet the new standard and how this may effect your business

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BS-8599-1 and new BSi compliant Workplace First Aid Kits

This standard became effective on 30.07.11 but BS-8599 completely replaces the BTA-HSE 10, 20 and 50 kits from 31.12.11.

BS8599 and the Law

Only the BSi compliant First Aid Kits are safe way for an employer to meet new requirements.

HSE (Health and Safety Execuitive), as a member of BSi standard committee, have worked on developing of BS8599 but the HSE are non-prescriptive on the contents. It is the employers' responsibility to determine what is suitable. This, like all first aid provision is based on the hazards in the workplace taking into account past injuries, number of employees etc.

However the HSE will not be making the new BS8599 First Aid Kit mandatory.

Why do we need the BS8599?

The BHTA guidelines, established in 1997 were in need of revision because the UK did not have a standard for First Aid Kits at Workplaces untill now, because training protocols have changed and new technology arrived at affordable prices. There were only one pair of gloves in a 10 person kit - yet 33 dressings. There were 4 triangular bandages - even though the training protocols no longer indicate their use for immobilisation of lower limb fractures. Burns gel dressings are extensively used in first aid - now very available and affordable. The BSi compliant First Aid Kits have good quantities of plasters and wipes, a common criticism of the old ones. You may buy your BSi compliant First Aid Kits at